Contract Vehicles

Seaport NxG

DEFTEC is proud to offer our engineering and technical services to Navy customers in all seven geographic zones under the SeaPort Enhanced contract. We have a diverse team with offices across the country to provide excellent, innovative solutions and dedicated technical services.

Title: SeaPort

Contract Number: N0017815D8166

At the heart of DEFTEC’s mission is the desire to save soldier’s lives. To do this, DEFTEC is committed to understanding our customer’s complex requirements and providing the highest quality solutions to meet their needs. We are constantly researching ways to improve our business and operational processes to ensure our customers receive the best in service and solutions.

DEFTEC’s Quality Goals

DEFTEC’s goal for quality control is producing outstanding deliverables in a timely fashion and satisfying the customer’s needs within budget. The company strives to continuously improve its results. DEFTEC is focused on functional quality requirements that are applied to every task. The approach is simple: strategize, implement, supervise, regulate, and deliver.

Quality Assurance

  • Develop streamlined and effective processes.
  • Effectively measure and implement quality standards.
  • Communicate requirements and needs efficiently.
  • Maintain consistent quality standards and processes.

Task Orders/Technical Instruction

Our Task Orders

  • None

Contract Number: N0017819D7498