Rapid Acquisition

DEFTEC designs our products and solutions to save lives. Our team focuses on the support of rapid acquisition and deployment of urgent-needs programs within the DoD and Other Government Agencies (OGA), providing solutions in response to our customers’ requirements. We understand that threats can evolve rapidly and new threats emerge daily. DEFTEC is well-positioned to rapidly respond to our customers’ needs when facing complex problems and positioning them to respond to adversaries striving to take advantage of rapid technological change.

Our highly qualified personnel bring diverse skill sets and experience needed by Program Managers, including Contracting, Costing, Engineering, Logistics and Budget Execution experts, that allow our customers to meet their mission on budget and on time. Additionally, DoD 5000.71 requires agile and rapid responses to combatant commander urgent operational needs (UONs), and to recognize, respond to, and mitigate the risk of operational surprise associated with ongoing or anticipated near-term contingency operations. These UONs include joint urgent operational needs (JUONs), and joint emergent operational needs (JEONs) identified by combatant command (CCMDs).

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