Training & Documentation

DEFTEC understands that system solutions are of little value to the Warfighter if Training & Documentation (T&D) products are ineffective or delivered late. Our Team works with clients throughout the acquisition cycle to analyze requirements, develop and deliver Training Support Packages, and perform in-depth product evaluations.

DEFTEC brings extensive experience and training to deliver effective, individually tailored modules, both in class and in the field. We have the depth and flexibility to deliver training in a variety of media and format, based on need. Our expertise encompasses interactive courseware and simulation-based delivery, classroom and instructor-led training. We deploy a mature, flexible and accurate deliverable, on time and under budget every time.

Our team are experts in the DoD’s requirements and accreditation standards and processes to include TR 350-70, MIL HBK 29612, and the 5000 series. We are certified in TRADOC’s Training Development Capability (TDC) learning platform. Applying the ADDIE method, regular evaluations are conducted to ensure continuous product improvement.

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