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DEFTEC Corporation was founded in December 2012 by Ms. Barbara Reeder, the company's founder and CEO. In 2006, Barbara was called upon to support training for the Army's deployment of C-IED threat systems. Recognizing the operational impacts, Ms. Reeder was able to quickly understand that Soldiers were losing their lives due to inefficient and ineffective training in the areas of C-IED, Counter Terrorism, and Counter Remote-Controlled Improvised Device Electronic Warfare (CREW). With this determination, Ms. Reeder was able to act quickly and make a foundational impact for the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Capability Manager (TCM) Ground Sensors (TCM-GS) by supporting both their engineering design of Electronic Counter Measures (ECMs) as well as transform the structure of the Electronic Warfare (EW) and ECM training. DEFTEC's passion and exceptional diligence supporting our Warfighters in the C-IED fight was codified by receiving a note from the Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Commanding General, stating this work was the contributing factor for a 37% significant reduction of the Killed in Action (KIA) in theater.

It is from this passion that DEFTEC was formed. The DEFTEC team has grown over the years, and our most valuable asset, our people, share the same passion and drive that our Founder and CEO had when she began DEFTEC. Our team is mission-focused and goal-oriented to provide the best support to our nation, our strategic partners, our clients, and in the end, to our Warfighters.

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